Title: Room Seventeen: Masquerade 

Collection: Club Sin #17

Author: Kameron Claire 

Genre: Reverse Harem 

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She wants her three gorgeous bosses in the dirtiest way.
She’s forbidden to them, not only because she’s their employee, but because she’s too pure to be sullied by their darkest desires.
Can one anonymous night at Club Sin sate their needs and fulfill her fantasies?

Carlisle: My bosses are hot, smart, and totally unattainable. But when I glimpse them at Club Sin, and hear a rumor that they share women, I come up with a plan to live out my fantasy—at least for one night.

Darian: Me and my partners have been together for twelve years. Bonded since day one: boot camp, AIT, two tours overseas, we now own a successful business. We share everything, and I mean, everything. But the one thing we want to share—our executive assistant Carlisle—we can’t, because our sweet girl is too pure for the things we want to do to her. Especially, what I want to do to her.

Xander: Carli is everything we’ve ever wanted, but as our executive assistant she is number one on the do-not-touch list—which sends me home frustrated night after night, desiring something I can never have. I long to throw her over my shoulder, fling her on my bed, and ravish her body in a way I’m sure she’s never experienced before. And that’s just what I want to do… add my partners in, and we’d be too much for her. But to even flirt with the idea would be a betrayal to my partners, since we’ve agreed we will never pursue her.

Garrett: Car is the sweetest, cutest, most innocent little thing I’ve ever laid eyes on, and I can’t help flirt and tease her every chance I get. I want her badly, and my control is slipping daily. My partners say she’s off limits, even though they want her as badly as I do. I get it. We agreed to leave her alone, but when we get a mysterious invitation in the mail, I know I’m about to get what I want most in this world.

The question is, will one night be enough for us, or her?

One night—an anonymous encounter—in a safe space called Club Sin.
You’re invited to Room Seventeen

Fantasies are meant to come true, and the men of Club Sin will see to your every kinky desire. 22 of your favorite steamy romance authors take you inside Club Sin, a forbidden place where you’ll find love and pleasure with multiple hot men in these Reverse Harem novellas. Can you handle the heat?

22 rooms, 22 fantasies… Which door will you step through?




Kameron Claire loves building worlds where heroes and heroines push, pull, and fight their way to the love and happiness they deserve. She writes full length and short, steamy, contemporary romance with an emphasis on strong female characters—often in male-dominated roles—and the alpha men who know how to love and support kick-ass, take-charge women. While she may not need him to save her, she wants him to love, support, and most of all, RAVISH her.


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