Pack Bunco Night by L.A. Boruff, Lacey Carter Andersen, and Lia Davis is coming soon. 

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Universal: https://geni.us/PackBuncoNight

A bunny bit me on the finger and everything went sideways after that. That’s just the beginning of my insane life. The Fascinators, the local ladies’ club, suddenly are incredibly interested in having me join their next Bunco night, which is a thinly veiled excuse to drink and gossip. I’ve been dying to get into that group for years; why now? I’m over forty, my daughter is grown, and all I do is temp work. What’s so special about me?
After I shift into a dragon, things become clearer. They’re not a Bunco group. The Fascinators are a pack of shifters. Yes, shifters. Like werewolves, except in this case it’s weresquirrels and a wereskunk, among others.And my daughter? She wants to move home, suddenly and suspiciously. As excited as I am to have her home, why? She loves being on her own. It’s got something to do with a rough pack of predators, shifters who want to watch the world burn. I hope she’s not mixed up with the wrong crowd. There’s also a mysterious mountain man hanging around out of the blue. Where was he before the strange bunny bite? Nowhere near me, that’s for sure.
Life is anything but boring. At this point, I’m just hoping that I’ll survive it all with my tail—literally—intact.

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