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Series: Royal Bastards MC

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Author: Nicole James

Cover Designer: Lou Gray 

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🔥 Blurb

“No knight in shining armor is coming to rescue me. If I want to get out of this revolting place, I’ll have to save myself. He was supposed to be my escape, but now he has my heart under lock and key.” -Isabella


I’ve climbed my way back from the bottom rungs of the hell I once lived. I’ve treated the symptoms, my drug addiction, but have yet to forgive myself for the cause. I’ve buried it six feet under, but I know it’s there haunting me. I killed my mom, even if it was an accident. 

Now it’s time to prove myself to my father and my club, the Royal Bastards MC. He put me in charge of a deal with the Hell’s Bandits MC. Now I must prove I can handle the responsibility. I must convince them I can do it. But can I convince myself that I deserve it? 

That won’t matter, if I can’t even manage the deal. A sexy little vixen whispers secrets of betrayal and suddenly the problems keep piling up. She’ll give me the information I need in exchange for her escape. She has me questioning everything and wondering if I’ll be willing to free her from my grasp when the time comes. Is she the thing I so desperately need to finally be rid of my demons?

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