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She’s everything I shouldn’t want. I capture her anyway.

What humans hail an invasion we call Garrison Earth: a mission to save our species from extinction. But while my warriors will soon have the stomachs of their new mates swell with daughters, I know this planet holds nothing for me.

Until a fierce, red-haired female points her gun with her eyes blazing fire, and I know I have found my mate. A bullet and a tranquilizer pad later, I carry her in my arms.
Against my better judgment.
But who argues fate?

With a mission at the brink of failure, I have no time to wait around until Eden is willing to bond. I took her freedom. Might have taken her family. Taking her body is my obligation.

I am a male without conscience. Incapable of love. No one has ever pierced my cold heart.
No one ever will.

Not even her.

Captured is the first book in this interconnected romance series, bringing you an alien invasion in its most authentic way. If you enjoy strong women, devoted aliens, fated mates, and hard-earned happily ever after’s with no insta-love, Stockholm syndrome, or cliffhangers, you’ll love Garrison Earth.

Author Note: The entire Garrison Earth series touches on subjects such as captivity, drug abuse, forced prostitution, loss of loved ones, human trafficking, rough handling, and violence. Any reader uncomfortable with the harsh realities of an alien invasion should please consider before purchase.

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