THE FAE WARRIOR’S PRINCESS by Author Jamie Schlosser has a release date! Torius and Dani’s story will be coming out on February 3rd! 

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I was only five months old the first time I looked into my mate’s eyes, but it took less than a second for my soul to recognize Torius as my other half. Then, without a word, he walked away from me and never came back. The sharp sting of rejection left me inconsolable for days, and in the years following, I sensed his absence like my own heart was missing.

At first, I didn’t understand Torius’ reasons for avoiding me. I didn’t know he’d been my father’s best friend since they were kids or that revealing our connection too soon could have consequences.

Just to make sure we never crossed paths again, Torius’ brilliant solution was to run off to the human realm. He thought he could hide from me until I’m old enough, until he’s ready to face our fate and my father.

I’ve always known he’d come back to me someday.

But not if I find him first.

My plan is playing out perfectly until we’re called back to Valora, where our relationship is still a secret. Where our world is changed, ridden with curses and darkness, and Torius is our only hope. It’s up to him to save our home.

Well, it’s up to us.

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