இ ☠️ Hallow’s Eve ☠️ இ

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🔥 Nashville, TN Chapter 🔥

Author: Morgan Jane Mitchell

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If Eve knew the real Hallow, she’d run far away…

When Eve goes to work dressed as her namesake, she doesn’t expect much excitement at the honky-tonk’s annual Halloween party. A gang of bikers locking everyone in until they find a killer, now that’s exciting. Believing she’s merely part of a murder mystery dinner, Eve plays along by helping a gorgeous fallen angel find the killer.

Stumbling onto another dead body crashes her illusions.

Faced with real danger Eve falls into the strong arms of Hallow who’s more like the fallen angel he’s dressed as than she knows. Too bad his brothers decide to take her hostage as they leave the bar in pursuit of the killer.

A member of the Royal Bastards MC, Hallow is more than prepared to protect Eve on their wild night, but he isn’t prepared to fall in love. Costume complete with apple or not, Eve’s no temptress. She’s as innocent as an angel. Hallow plans to snatch her from heaven, corrupt her and keep her for himself.

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