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Tenacious (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 6) By Author Via Mari.


A hot, possessive bodyguard meets an independent charge nurse who doesn’t want protection or anything to do with the self-assured playboy – until he takes matters into his own hands.

Relying on herself from an early age, Allie O’Conner has learned the hard way to protect her heart. She has perfected the art of keeping men at a distance, following clearly defined rules. Only one-night stands and only at the local club. No strings, no relationships, and no heartbreak.

Until her best friend is in an automobile accident, and she meets Nick, the blue-eyed devil who makes her heart race with desire.

As a young, wealthy member of the elite security team, Nick Montgomery is used to having anyone he wants, and no woman for more than a night. Until he meets the raven-haired beauty who wants nothing to do with him but is in peril from the same men who endangered her friend.

He is bound and determined to break down the defenses Allie has so carefully constructed while protecting her life, but when those walls finally crumble, will he really be there to pick up the pieces?

These alpha bodyguards are hot, possessive, and paid extraordinary salaries to protect powerful men entangled with the mafia. They are used to getting what they want, but when they fall, they fall hard, and will stop at absolutely nothing to protect and pleasure the women they love.

If you like Sybil Bartel, Anna Hackett, and Ivy Smoak you will love the Billionaire Bodyguard series where the passion is as fiery as it is deadly. Each novel can be read as a stand-alone but reading the series in order will provide the best experience. No cheating and a happily ever after each and every time.

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