A Fae’s Wishmas

All it takes is one wish.

Woodland fae Niera travels the world finding the Fated matches of humans and paranormal creatures alike. The Mystical Matchmaker has brought ninety-nine couples together, but her own happiness remains elusive. A friend’s call for help brings her to Cat’s Paw Cove just in time to learn she must make a one-hundredth match or spend the rest of her days alone.

The unsuspecting humans in the magical enclave have no idea that easygoing surfing instructor Alistair has been trapped on land by a curse. Worse, the town’s mysterious Sherwood cats seem to have conspired for decades to thwart his battle to return to the sea every full moon.

Niera’s business is love, but she hardens her heart when she meets the gorgeous man with indigo eyes and too many secrets. Confident Alistair feels as clumsy as a youth whenever the beautiful, compassionate fae looks his way.

Neither have room in their lives for romance—until a meddling little calico sticks her paw in to do some matchmaking of her own.

**Originally published in the Festivities and Felines Holiday Anthology**

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