If you love second chances, a heroine on a personal journey, and happy holiday endings, grab Mistletoe and Magnolia by Paula Adler while it’s ON SALE NOW!



Not everyone deserves second chances and a happily ever after, fairy tale ending…right?

Kiki MacInnes has burned more than a few bridges in her time. Now, as a recovering alcoholic, she’s dedicated to helping others avoid addiction. She can only hope her temporary role as the new chatelaine for Castle MacInnes will help her stay on the straight and narrow, too.

But even if she’s somehow able to redeem herself for the mistakes of the past, could all the people she’s hurt ever forgive her? Could the handsome small-town pastor who has her longing for a Christmas miracle?

Somewhere between the mistletoe and magnolias, amidst the magic of the holiday season, Kiki will need to learn that the greatest gift of all is forgiveness. Especially forgiving herself.

Welcome to Magnolia Bloom, where anything is possible—even an authentic Scottish castle in the magnolia groves of East Texas, brought to life not by a man’s desire, but by a woman’s determination and defiance.

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