A FAMILIAR HEX by Rosemary A Johns

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The dragon shifter, Sin, exploded out of the black, folding his wings behind him, as he flew through the window. He caught me in his arms, before I could tumble over. 

I was surrounded in Sin’s spicy, bonfire scent. My skin prickled, as his lean thigh pushed between mine. 

“Show off,” my kitten familiar, Satan, said, lashing his tail. 

Sin’s midnight tumble of hair fell over his high cheekbones. His silver eyes glimmered. 

Sin’s intent gaze met mine, and my breath stuttered. 

I loved being the Deputy to this hot dragon Sheriff with my familiar at my side. Yet we were all in danger… 

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Welcome to Oxford’s Magic Kitten Shelter for Familiars!

My name’s Astra, and since arriving in the quaint magical village of Witch Hollow in Oxford with my demon kitten familiar, Satan, I’ve faced murders, curses, and even cold coffee. But today is my scariest challenge yet: a visit from my fierce grandma. What will the witch, who raised me and wants me to return home and run the family business, think of my ramshackle farm and my adorable but wild familiars? That’s if my new phoenix familiar doesn’t burn down my cottage first.

Plus, how do I hide the fact that I’m now Deputy to the hot dragon shifter Sheriff of Oxford, Earl Sin, who lives next door…? Oh, and his family are also visiting for the weekend. 

When grandma’s struck down by a hex, it becomes a race against time to save her. Plus, will Satan finally solve the mystery of my missing dad?

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A Familiar Curse is Book Three in the Oxford Magic Kitten Mysteries cozy mystery series. Start reading to escape into magic and laugh-out loud fun!

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“The kitten familiar is definitely the star, with his snarky, protective, and world domination attitude. Mysteries solved, families meet, and sparks fly. Amazing series!” – 5 Stars 

“Oh, I love this book! It’s so much fun” – 5 Stars

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