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Master Tuscano (Masters Of The Consulate Book 2)
By Sylvia Black Author.


Christian Tuscano wants revenge. As one of the Masters of the Consulate, it is his right to seek justice for Delilah. Unfortunately, the syndicate leaves her dead at his feet, and he has no choice but to bring her into the powerful underworld she has always shunned.
It turns their lives upside down.

Because when Delilah finds herself in a world she never wanted, their love is put to the ultimate test. With her newfound powers, and after what she’s about to do, they’ll never permit it.
Tuscano, a member of their precious Consulate, to be with the likes of her.

As if Christian needs permission.

The Master vampire must stop the rogue shifters who have been sent to ensure their deal with the syndicate fails.

But will Delilah be able to convince everyone, including Tuscano, of her loyalty and that she belongs by Christian’s side?

Not an easy task with a coven of witches who have given her refuge, and have a long-standing vendetta, seemingly against them all.

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