♥♥What happens when you mix a biker pilot and a cupcake goddess?♥♥ 

Ivy burst into Jaxon’s life like a flour bag erupted in the room. Except, she is the sugary goodness of rainbow sprinkles, salted caramel sauce and exactly the opposite of what he expects. It isn’t the storm she cooks up in the kitchen that he needs to watch out for. It is the one she could create in his life. 

Jaxon Parker is a risk taker, and Ivy is allergic to taking risks. Since she almost lost her life at the tender age of sixteen, she’s made being careful a lifestyle choice. But, things change in a heartbeat when she puts on a biker helmet and embarks on the ride of a lifetime with the person she never knew she needed, in more ways than she thought possible.

★★Will their trip to Vegas be a recipe for disaster or a chance for the sweetest kind of love?★★

Your flight on Parker Airlines is about to take off to Vegas. Pre Order Today and head to the departure lounge for cocktails 



️Vegas Ready:


Take Me Forever has landed!


An apology Rose

Cheesecake naughtiness

Vegas shenanigans

️Trouble in the family business

Motorbike hotness 

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