Welcome to the Pale Court, my Queen…

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A god obsessed. A captive bride who can’t escape his love. 
As old as time, born from Nothing, I command the forsaken remnants of all that once lived. Bone shapes the kingdom over which I rule, and the rotting flesh of man does my bidding. Sequestered away from mortals, I long for warmth, but everything I touch is cold.

Except for her, the woman who stumbles into the shadowed depths of the Pale Court. In her reluctant embrace, Ada calls me the devil, so I show her pleasure like only the devil can.

I am the heat that stirs her flesh.
I am the longing that trembles her bone.

No matter how she hisses defiance, her body was made to obey my every desire. I am its master, no matter her wish to flee my dark, cold kingdom. Ada will never escape my devotion. Bone will shackle her to me for eternity.

Because immortality is loneliness in disguise.

A curse I cannot bear suffering alone any longer, so I lock Ada away behind doors guarded by corpses, forcing her to carry it with me forevermore.

Welcome to the Pale Court, my Queen.
King of Flesh and Bone is a full-length dark fantasy novel, and book one in The Pale Court duet, featuring a ruthless god and the woman who can’t escape his love. This story contains dark themes and elements of horror some may find uncomfortable to read. Liv Zander doesn’t do heroes – because villains need love, too.

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