Title: Provoked

Series: Palace Scandal #2

Author: Jasmine Bell

Genre: Royal Romance

Release Date: July 18th

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She’s trying to move away from a world of wealth and privilege. He’s surrounded by a royal life and tabloid press. Staying away from each other seems like the best solution to the attraction between them. That is until the press forces them into a relationship that neither of them are ready for.

Maribel Ortiz has been in love with Prince Alonzo since she started high school. For years he didn’t see her as more than his best friend’s kid sister. And even though she’s not blind to the chemistry between them, he represents the one thing she’s trying to break free of. The aristocracy.

Alonzo knows the last thing Maribel needs is to be stuck in a relationship where her life is under constant public scrutiny. She’s made a life for herself and doesn’t need him complicating it.

So when they inadvertently find themselves the subject of media speculation, the fake relationship they’re forced into is more than either of them can handle.

Their relationship may be fake, but the feelings are so very real. Will both of them survive with their hearts intact.

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