Big Boys Do It Better, #2
by L. Moone
Publication Date: August 2, 2021
Genres / Tropes: Adult, Contemporary, Husky Hero, Body Positive, Plus-sized Hero, Steamy, Romance



They’re perfect for each other. Too bad they’re just friends.

Jill: Damien and I; best friends forever. Short of matching bracelets, that’s exactly what we are. We share so much. A love for superhero movies, reality TV and even the same sense of humour. In two years we’ve never once run out of things to talk about.

But, as they say: opposites and mystery attract, right? He seems to agree, because when I drunkenly suggest we add certain ‘benefits’ to our friendship, he reacts with complete shock. Best to stuff those confusing emotions back in the closet where they belong.

When I find out he’s started dating someone else, I know for sure that I’ve missed my chance.

Damien: It’s nearly two years to the day that I first fell in love with Jill. As interns and now coworkers on the same TV production crew, we’ve spent many long days and nights in each other’s presence. So near and always out of reach. I’m nowhere near her type, so she’d never consider me as anything other than her slightly overweight and nerdy best friend.

After a particularly awkward drunken conversation one night, I realize it’s time to get past my unrequited obsession and take control of my love life before I ruin all the good stuff we do have. Jill might be the woman of my dreams and my soul mate, but that’s just it. A hopeless dream which could never come true. Or can it?

Best Friends Forever is a steamy body-positive friends-to-lovers romance featuring a cute, shy teddy bear of a plus-sized hero and an independent heroine who loves him exactly for who he is. They just don’t realize it yet…


Realistic characters, pure emotions, true passion. Everything I write is about the characters: how they interact, what’s going on in their heads, how the passionate relationship develops and affects them. I don’t believe in keeping things hidden, or dressing them up just for show. Some of my characters are potty-mouths, most of them are less than perfect (yes, even physically). I aim to write a happy ending for all of them, without keeping anything behind closed doors.

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