An All New Teaser For The Dancer Is Here!!

The Dancer releases on May 13th!

Snag It For Pre-Order:

🖤 Billionaire Romance

🩰 Ballet Obsession 


❤️ Dominant Hero

A Signed Contract 

Steamy As F$#k 

So Damn Angsty

The Dancer’s Official Blurb:

I’m no longer a professional ballerina.

No longer a kept woman.

No longer a virgin.

The fact that I still ache for a man who shattered me so easily… there is no getting over that.

I should’ve listened to Calum when he said that he was broken.

Some things, once shattered, cannot be made whole again.

Still, all it takes is a look from him and I start to melt.

When he offers me an even sweeter deal, will I be able to say no?

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