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Veronica, a CEO, is so stressed she’s ordered to take a vacation. Determined to make the best of it, she hits one of the local hangouts and finds the sexy as sin Lacey. Suddenly, two weeks off doesn’t sound so bad as long as the gorgeous brunette is part of it.

Lacey, a bartender, enjoys living in paradise and the perks that come with it. She wasn’t looking for love until a stunning blonde strolled into her bar, turning her world upside down. Fourteen days with the curvy goddess sounds like her idea of heaven on earth.

But what happens when real life intrudes and their time together must end?

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The moment I saw her, I knew she was my one. For two whole weeks, we lived a whirlwind romance. Ready to profess my love I jumped in, except she didn’t feel the same. Brokenhearted, I returned home, needing the solace it offered.

My life was in shambles, but I was surviving. Until the day she comes back into my life. Now, she’s back under my roof, and I’m not sure I can let her go this time.


My biggest regret is walking away from the man I loved. The demons of my past sent me running from his promises. Since that day I’ve been living with the what-ifs. Then destiny hands me another chance when our paths cross once more. This is the sign that we’re meant to be, and I’m determined to see this through.

Can these two admit their faults and find the love of a lifetime?

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In a blink of eye everything I knew changed, all because of choices. While I regret the circumstances, I could never regret having my Lily Grace. Shunned and ridiculed I leave looking for a place to start over. But it seems bad luck is following me, or is it? When I’m at my lowest I find him, my boss, and the one man who would do anything for me,but I don’t dare cross that line again. Chase Montgomery is everything a man should be…he just can’t be mine. Even if he refuses to leave me or my daughter alone.


Being Sheriff of my hometown and spending quiet nights at home was exactly how I wanted things. I didn’t believe in that Montgomery Curse that led you to “the one”. Until a chance visit to a women’s shelter proves how wrong I had been. When my eyes lock with Abigail and her Lily Grace, I see my future in one scared, but strong woman. I’ve always been a patient man, but I don’t know how much longer I can stand not claiming my one.

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