The Point of It All Collection by Jade Cary
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Diana Kenyon is a beautiful, successful doctor with her own practice and her own life. But the occasional work she does for the DC-based Stanton Group thrusts her into the dark world of political refugees, kidnapping and torture.

As the company owner of VRS Securities, Valerio Rios knows his subject well, and his seminars are well-attended by top executives from top companies who do not want to pay huge ransoms for their executives’ safe return. When Diana turns up missing, Val is hired to find her and bring her home safely. But rescuing the beautiful doctor is not the end of Val’s work. He is determined to keep the independent and strong-willed lady safe. Neither counted on falling in love.

Val is a ruthless man, and Diana has secrets she’ll share with no one. Underestimating her will be Val’s biggest mistake; playing Val Rios for a fool will be hers.

From Miami to the coasts of Mexico and Chile, to the warmth and security of Southern California beaches, The Point Of It All will take the reader on an adventure like no other, and introduce a love story that will not be forgotten.

Publishers Note: This collection includes three full length novels from Jade Cary including: The Point of it All, Days with You, and The Reason for it All.

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