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🖤🌹☠️ DESERT ROSE ☠️🌹🖤

Author: Jax Hart

Series: Royal Bastards MC

🖤💀🔥 SANTA FE, NM 🔥💀🖤

Cover Design: Lou Gray Gray Creations

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He’s my brother’s nemesis.

They’ve gone to war more than once over the same woman while I watched in the background unseen.

My brother got the girl every time.

And every time Edge lost, he became more bitter and hard. But I’m still here, waiting. Watching, unwavering for him to realize the one thing he’s been looking for has been here the whole time. I’m a desert rose, strong but fragile. Surviving against all odds.

When he finally sees me it’ll trigger the last war between the Royal Bastards and the Bloody Scorpions. A war I started but hope love will end.

It’s time Edge saw me as more than his enemy’s sister. It’s about time he sees me as the woman he’s been searching for.

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