Check out Author Jamie Schlosser’s cover for The Fae King’s Prize!

Release date: April 8th

Cover Design: Talia Redhotink at Book Cover Kingdom

Photographer: Golden Czermak at FuriousFotog

Model: Joey Berry

Pre-order link: mybook.to/thefaekingsprize

When I wake up at a female auction in a world I don’t recognize, all I can think about is getting back home to Texas. I want absolutely nothing to do with a realm called Valora, magic, faeries, or being sold to the highest bidder.
But the Day Realm king has other plans.
Zander says I’m his fated mate. I don’t believe him. That doesn’t stop him from tricking me into marrying him, though. It doesn’t matter if I argue or run—he won’t let me go.
I should hate him. Instead, I find myself ridiculously attracted to the stubborn, broody man. Sometimes he terrifies me, so I don’t know why his rare smiles give me warm tingles or why his arms make me feel safe.
Everything about Valora is confusing, but after just a short time here, I realize something—this place is full of dangers that are way more frightening than my new husband, and staying by his side just might be my only option.

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