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Can’t Fix Cupid

Author: KL Ramsey

Series: Royal Bastards MC

Huntsville, AL Chapter

Cover Design: Lou Gray

Available on Kindle UnlimitedLink: https://books2read.com/u/b6Kpj0

Marco Diego was held against his will for over a year, and the only thing that kept him going were daily visits to his cell by Sister Valentina.She had come by the Camillo compound every day, offering him conversation, prayer, and even her shy smile when he told her a dirty joke to make her blush.She was beautiful, with her long dark hair, and caramel-colored eyes that looked at him with such compassion, kindness, and dare he believe it—longing.She was only twenty, just a girl compared to his almost forty years, but when she looked at him the way she did, he wanted to do things with her that a man should never want to do with a nun.

Valentina wasn’t sure how she was ever going to escape her little village, but she had to.

She had no choice since her father betrayed the Camillo family.

They were one of the biggest crime families in the Guadalajara Syndicate, and her only way to safety was to pledge her undying love and life to a God who didn’t care about her or her family.

She said her vows, made promises she never intended on keeping, and then met him—Marco Diego.

He made her feel things that she had never felt for any man.

Things that would get her kicked out of the nunnery, her only solace from the Camillo family.

As a nun, she could hide in plain sight. If she was caught with Marco, she’d be shunned, ousted from the order, and made to face the Camillo family on her own, but that was a chance she was willing to take if it meant finally being with him.

Can’t Fix Cupid is K.L. Ramsey’s third book in the Royal Bastards MC series.


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