🌟 Not Before Game Night🌟

Not Before Game Night by Khardine Gray

Bad Boy Bachelors of Orange County Book 4

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She was on a mission to lose her V card and he was the high school bully who just entered a bet to make her his for one night.


Our coach is incredibly superstitious.

He truly believed it was because he found a four-leaf clover why The Centaurs won the Super Bowl two years in a row.

I could live with that.

What I can’t live with are his other rules.

After being traded to the Centaurs, I’m warned never to have sex the night before the opening game.

Coach’s orders my teammates dare me to break by dragging me into a bet with the girl who used to follow me around in high school like a lovesick puppy.

This should be very easy.

Vanessa wanted me then, there’s no way she can resist me now.

The little lovesick puppy is now a gorgeous babe and I’m willing to

partake – because I’m not superstitious.


Sure, I want to lose my v- card.

But not to him.

He had his chance and blew it.

I just wished my brain could sync with my stupid heart and warn it away from Cole Buchanan.

He was bad news in high school, and ten years hasn’t changed him one bit.

The point is: STAY AWAY from him.

Find someone more deserving of me.

It would be so much easier, however, to heed my own advice if the man would leave me alone.

The worse thing is, the more he chases the harder he becomes to resist.

The quicker I forget he’s the poster boy for sin.

If you like hot, steamy, romance with gorgeous, drool-worthy bad boys you will love this book. Dive in now for some fun.

Not Before Game Night is a complete standalone and a part of the Bad Boy Bachelors of Orange County series.

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