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🔥 Los Angeles, CA Chapter 🔥

Book 3

By J. Lynn Lombard

Cover design by Literary Designs


Danyella’s going to be the death of me, I swear. Just one look into her mesmerizing blue eyes and I’d give her anything in the world on a silver platter. Well, almost anything. The one thing she’s asking me for this time is something I buried in the past and don’t want anything to do with ever again.

She wasn’t here to see the hell Chains put me through that Christmas Eve night. She didn’t see the pain inflicted on me because those scars are covered up with tattoos to erase the awful memories. The screams and pleading will forever be etched in my mind.

I’ll give her what she wants this Christmas, but I hope she understands that what she wants is going to wreak havoc on my soul.


Capone doesn’t understand why I want this so badly. He doesn’t know the drama and problems Blayze and I went through as kids. Christmas has always been a light in our dark world. Together, we made it the best day of our lives.

I watch Capone struggling with my request. I recognize the hurt and anger behind his dark eyes. But it’s not just us anymore. We have a little girl to think about. Hopefully, he comes around and gives me what I’m asking for and what Nina’s been missing.

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Disclaimer, you’ll want to read Capone’s Chaos before this. We pick up a few months after Mexico.

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