Title: You Are Mine 
Author: Victory Storm 
Genre: Mafia Romance 
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Can a love that defies the law of two families divided by an ancient grudge ever survive?
Ginevra Rinaldi never knew what freedom was. Living in a golden cage, smothering and full of rules dictated by her father, she is used to obeying and suffering her family punishments for any of her rebellious acts.
Lorenzo Orlando has abdicated his place as heir to the Orlando family heritage in order to have the freedom to be and do what he wants, even risking his own life. However, today he is a respected man and is the owner of Rockart City`s most prestigious venue, the Bridge.
Determined to break the mold as well as the rules, Ginevra will end up in the wolf`s den. What will happen when she becomes ensnared by Lorenzo`s penetrating gaze and finds out that she can no longer escape him? How much time will Ginevra have before becoming Lorenzo’s prey?

Storm is an Italian author. She lives in Aosta with her husband, her two dogs
and five cats.

working as a teacher and as an interior design, she opens a publishing house
and publishes his novels.

After the
success of the Blood Saga and “A Star In My Life”, she becomes an
established writer and decides to devote herself completely to writing.

Victory has sold 65,000 copies and published 20 novels, some of which have been
translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese.

In English,
she has published three romance novels (“A Star In My Life”, “In
Love With A Star”, “The Sweet Poison Of Revenge”), a mafia
romance (“You Are Mine”) and two new adult romances ( “Love
Hurricane” and “Broken Rules”).


Are Mine” was very successful in Italy entering the Top 100 of Amazon.it
and was also very appreciated in France and Spain where it climbed the iTunes
Books chart.


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