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The Princess Protects Her Huntsman: A Nocturne Falls Universe Story by Kira Nyte

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Princess Rhyannon Andal fled her fairy home with nothing more than a powerful secret and a warning to never return. She doesn’t know the fate of her family, her people, or even the nature of the evil that hunts her. Only that the magical town of Nocturne Falls is her haven and her hiding place.

Arrick Luvell was nothing more than a simple, if preternaturally skilled, huntsman until a sorceress ripped his life apart and cursed him to become her beast. He has lived under her leash for decades, forced to do her bidding, until the hunt leads him to a pure and beautiful woman he’d rather die than harm.

But he doesn’t control his beast; the wolf is the sorceress’s to command.

The hunt brought them together. Will the magic of love free them both?

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