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KO’d (The Lion’s Den MC, Book 2) by CJ Allison

Arrives October 20th

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/3n06xud

Universal Link: https://books2read.com/u/bOxgrE


Growing up with privilege never meant a thing to me. My friends were always the misfits, so ending up the Vice President of an MC was not a far stretch. Using my trust fund, I bought into a strip club, which I later become soul owner. My life was just how I wanted it. So why was that blonde haired spit fire bartender always getting under my skin? It couldn’t happen, I was her boss and a line I knew I shouldn’t cross. Yet every time her smart mouth would come at me, I find myself wanting her more.


Not only is he my boss, he’s also a part of an MC. Oh, and he’s a complete asshole too. One look from his blue eyes, accompanied with his signature smirk and I’m left stupid. I use my smart mouth to bring out the asshole that I secretly adore. But when he shows me his tender and sweet side? I’m left speechless. Do I follow my heart and potentially lose the best job I’ve ever had or keep ignoring the pull he has on me?

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