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Reign (The Larussio Legacy Book 3) by Author Via Mari.

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Giovanni Larussio is next in line as the don of Italy. He and his family have built the most prestigious casino and resort in Vegas, seizing control of the entire territory, but this makes him and anyone he cares about an even greater target to their enemies.

Serena Moretti, Giovanni’s submissive and the love of his life, is exposed to what being with the future mafia boss truly means for her and her family, leaving her with firsthand experience of just how horrific rivals of the Larussios can be if she chooses a life with a man who will soon be in charge of the most revered mafia families in the world.

A genuine leader must make life and death decisions every day, taking all factors into consideration. Giovanni must come to terms with his heritage, his dominating love for Serena, and the Larussio crime family’s future reign of power.
When he does, will life as he knows it include Serena?

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