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✰The Babysitter ✰

✰Series –
Sweet Temptations

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There were times Richard Martin loved his life. He had everything most men nearing middle age could want. A beautiful wife. A young son. All his hair.
He still has his hair, but not all is as it seems. His idyllic life was turned upside down when he and his family were forced to move from their home in Bristol to a small Gloucester flat because of Richard’s new job and now he finds himself beset on all sides. However that is not the sum of his problems. When his new supervisor, a promiscuous bombshell more than ten years his junior, sets her sights on him, she is by no means subtle about her interest in him, no matter who might be watching.
But temptation comes in many forms, and Richard has recently found his eyes lingering on the woman from downstairs who babysits for them. Was it his imagination, or were her skirts getting shorter?
In this first volume in L.M. Mountford’s sizzling debut series: Sweet Temptations, a naughty babysitter sets out to seduce her man. No matter what his wife might think, this tempting little wench is determined to rock his world…

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A self-confessed Tiger fanatic, L.M. Mountford was born and raised in England, first in the town of Bridgewater, Somerset, before later moving to the city of Gloucester where he currently resides. A fully qualified and experienced Scuba Diver, he has travelled across Europe and Africa diving wrecks and seeing the wonders of the world.
He started writing when he was 14. Under the pseudonym Dark Inferno, he has written more than thirty Fanfiction stories.

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