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Stepbrother Catfish by Izzy Sweet

Link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B016H02LH6/

I’m in love with a man I’ve never met…
We found each other on an online dating site.
After my mom remarried and moved away, texting with him every day makes me feel less lonely.
Talking to him is so easy. He just has this way of making me feel important and I feel like I can tell him anything.
The only problem is we haven’t yet met face to face. There’s always some emergency keeping him from meeting with me, some disaster that causes him to flake.
But tonight is the night. This is so going to happen.
I’m finally going to meet the man of my dreams and I won’t let anyone or anything get in my way…
Not even my jerk of a stepbrother, Andrew, who seems determined to ruin my life.

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