Chapter Reveal For Vivian Wood’s His Forbidden Princess! (Coming 9/15)

A flash of movement catches my eye. A beautiful young blonde in an extravagant red ballgown storms into the room, her light blue eyes fixed on something out of my line of sight.


I stare at her for a second, taking in her haughty posture and bright red lips. She’s obscenely beautiful, with her waif-like figure and her elegantly pinned up hair.

The tiniest shudder runs through me.

It’s important to remind myself that she’s also Stellan’s little sister, just nineteen years old. She makes me feel old and decrepit at twenty six. But my body and my brain are not on the same page here. They’re not even reading the same book.

My body finds every little thing that Princess Annika does to be extremely attractive.

“Are you fucking serious?” Lars asks, interrupting my train of thought.

I tear my eyes away from Annika. “What?”

He slowly shakes his head and rakes his fingers through his messy dark hair. “You can’t really think that ogling Annika openly is a good idea.”

My neck heats. “What? No. I wasn’t ogling her. I was just trying to see what she’s throwing a fit about.” I squint. “Probably some dramatic nonsense, knowing your sister.”

Lars snorts. “I see your mouth moving, but I don’t trust anything you’re saying right now.”

I roll my eyes. “Even if I found Annika the slightest bit attractive — which I don’t — there are a thousand reasons why I would never, ever touch her. Not the least of which is Stellan.” I squint into the distance.

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