🖤 Cover Reveal 🖤

Her Arrogant Boss by S.E. Roberts

Available September 30th

Cover designed by Desire Premade Covers

Preorder: mybook.to/MyArrogantBoss

🖤 Office romance

🖤 Older man/ younger woman

🖤 Accidental pregnancy

It was supposed to be one night…
It was supposed to be one night of mindless sex. I don’t do relationships and I never hook up with the same woman twice. I’ve been burned before, leaving me with permanent scars. But I can’t seem to forget the leggy, nameless, blonde. That is until she shows up at my office needing a job. I try to deny her like the arrogant man I am, but Maddison soon crawls so far under my skin there’s no going back for me. We’ll have a little no-strings fun and then we can both move on. Easy enough, right?
I moved to the city for a fresh start, but it’s hard for me to get motivated when I can’t take my mind off the man who gave me a mind blowing night and then tossed me out on the street. Imagine my surprise when he happens to be my new boss. I want to run away with my tail between my legs when he tries to refuse me a job, but Ian Wright quickly becomes a vital part of my life. We agree that nothing serious will happen between us, but when I find out I’m pregnant I’m not sure what he’ll think. Will he run back to his playboy ways or can I tame my arrogant boss?
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