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Khardine Gray


Double Edged Hearts

A Mafia Romance (Gangsters and Dolls Book 4)


Available on #KindleUnlimited

Purchase Link –  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FCFZVD2

We were always a heartbreak waiting to happen…


She never belonged in my world of bloodshed and danger.

The criminal underworld.

She’s the good girl. The angel.

I’m the devil. Dark and ruthless.

A dangerous man who blew into her life like a raging storm.

When she left my bed four years ago, it should have been the end of us.

Women are a weakness I can’t afford.

Now she’s back in Chicago.

Reappearing like the ghosts that haunt me.

But now there are more reasons to leave her alone.

I’m a mobster and she’s a fed.

She’s off-limits. Completely forbidden to me.

I planned to stay away.

Until the day she needed someone to save her.

The only person I trust to protect her is me.

When dark secrets spill and scatter at our feet, our lives become a game of survival.

A game where truth is lies, and lies are truth.

She’s mine, whether she wants to be or not.

Mine to love.

Mine to save.

Even if it cost me everything…


The Sting of Love

A Mafia Romance (Gangsters and Dolls Book 5)


Available on #KindleUnlimited

Purchase Link – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08FCR2QQB

The moment she walked into my club, I knew I had to have her.

Her beauty captured me, her body enticed me.

Everything about her was tempting.

So tempting I had to have more than one night with her.

But our paths should never have crossed.

I can paint the picture however I want but the truth is I’m a dangerous man.

A gangster.

I work for a powerful man who rules the underworld with a ruthless hand.

Assigned to look after the empire in Italy, my focus should never have been on her.

A woman I couldn’t have.

I broke my rules by getting involved.

Then I slipped up.

My enemies saw her as my weakness.

A dagger they could stab through my already wounded heart.

The lamb to the slaughter they want to kill to teach me a lesson.

When they try, I’m forced to kidnap her to keep her safe.

I lock her away in my house on the island where no one can find her.

It’s too dangerous for her to be with me, but more dangerous to be without me.

War is brewing on my hands.

She’s right to call me a monster.

I am.

But I can’t allow her to die for being with me.



**These are books four & five in the Gangsters and Dolls series, but they can be read as complete standalone books. They are full-length novels that contain NO-CLIFFHANGERS, and have a HEA. They are HOT Mafia romances and contain subject matter not suitable for all readers. **




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