🔥🔥 Deception & Desire 🔥🔥
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She’s hiding a terrible secret. He’s on a lethal mission. With her in the crosshairs, can forbidden love flourish?

Cancun, Mexico. Italian beauty Marabella is trying to shake her grim past. After the sudden and mysterious death of her husband, her sisters insist on a five-star holiday to set straight her mind. But when a handsome Scotsman with a smart mouth gets her laughing again, she fears her history could extinguish her mounting desire.

Battle-weary and needing a distraction, MI-6 agent Mac wants nothing more than his usual fling. However, his chemistry with a sexy vacationer tempts him to do more than love her and leave her. But when he opens the dossier for his latest briefing, he finds himself racing headlong into heartbreak.

She’s under threat. He’s undercover. Will deadly family secrets ruin the romance of a lifetime?
New York City. Leigha Luccenzo can feel control slipping through her fingers. Between debilitating nightmares and her photography studio getting ransacked, her entire existence is coming undone. So when the sexy new model rescues her from mysterious mobsters, she can’t decide whether to pull him close or push him away.

Former Aussie secret agent Dean Wagner loves fast bikes and faster women. But when a covert assignment puts his heart in the line of fire, his troubled past triggers feelings he’d rather forget. The guilt he’s suffered for too many years might just undermine his mission.

She’s investigating him. He’s accused of fraud. Will a sinister conspiracy ruin their shot at unforgettable love?

New York City. Fiery artist Raquelle Luccenzo craved her father’s approval of her work. After his murder, she’s determined to find out what happened. When the clues lead to a suspicious CEO, painting his portrait could be the key to cracking the case… if she can keep her hands off him.

Michael Raines fights to take control of the company. But his overbearing father simply won’t let go of the helm. And the irresistible beauty commissioned to immortalize him is threatening to blur the lines completely between work and pleasure.


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