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Lean In by Deja Voss

Series: Royal Bastards MC

Pittsburgh, PA Chapter

Release Date: August 11, 2020

Cover Design Jay Aheer Simply Defined Art

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Life on the outside made me mean.

Prison turned me into a monster.

My birth father took the last of my humanity and now I’m Vice President of the RBMC Pittsburgh.

Together, we rule the steel city with our own depraved brand of vigilantism.

There’s just one little distraction.

A woman with a soft voice and empty eyes that beckon… She makes me lose my mind.

They call her “girl”, label her as their property, tear her down in ways that push me to the point of rage.

She’s the damsel in distress who doesn’t want to be rescued.

No matter how hard I try to set her free, she just keeps going back.

She doesn’t get it.

But I’ll make sure she does.

I will burn the whole damn city to the ground if I have to. I’ll take no prisoners. Except her.

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