💖New Release💖
Title: Loved in the Dark

by Pixie Chica Author

Series: Tattooed Brides (Book 8)

Link: Mybook.to/LovedInTheDarkPixie

Dr. Clifton Covington

Since the day I was born, my life has followed a pattern. I’m the golden boy, a successful doctor, and an all-around good guy. I enjoy order and knowing each day will be the same as the previous.
Until I meet a fragile woman that needs my help. I instantly know my world is about to change and I will willingly walk away from all of it.
When she can’t remember who she is, as if I’m well-versed in deceit, a lie easily falls from my lips, sealing her fate when I claim she’s my fiancée. I appease my conscience by saying it’s to ensure she’s safe.
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it because I’ll stop at nothing to make her mine. But can true love start with a lie?

Warning: This is a quickie read, with ultra instalove, and a hero determined to keep his one. If you’re looking for a fast read with a little action, a little romance, and a HEA…I’m your gal!
Link: Mybook.to/LovedInTheDarkPixie
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