☆★☠️★ NEW RELEASE ★☠️★☆
💜 HAIL: Hellbound Lovers MC Prequel #3 💜
Author: Crimson Syn
Cover Designer: Lou Gray
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Getting sworn in as a Hellbound Lover changed my life.
I was no longer alone.
No longer without a family.
No longer a goon for Frank Campesato and his Mafia.
I’ve moved on and never looked back,
But the past has a way of reaching out and not letting go.
And my past comes in the shape of a raven head beauty.
A fiery woman who has no idea she has my life in her hands.
It was a mistake accepting the help of a Hellbound Lover.
Especially one with which I share a torrid past.
Now, I am at the mercy of an MC,
And of a man who thinks he has control.
But no one cages in the Queen of the Italian Mafia
He may have destroyed my heart once,
But I’ll die before he destroys me again.

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