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Capone’s Chaos by J. Lynn Lombard

Series: Royal Bastards MC 

Los Angeles, CA  Book 2

Release Date: September 2, 2020

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A Man In Control. A Lost Soul. One Last Chance.


As President of the Royal Bastards MC, Los Angeles Chapter, I have enemies everywhere. They’ll use anything and anyone to exploit me. Regardless, only one person has ever brought me to my knees. Danyella. 

My Bella.

Her emerald green eyes captured my soul the moment we looked at each other. I constantly watch her and the light in her eyes is fading. Her laughter and smiles all but gone. I realize that my enemies have found my kryptonite. She’s become their pawn, and there’s only one way to get her back. 



The first time I heard his deep, raspy voice, it sent chills down my spine. He called me, “My Bella.” If only he knew how much those two words crushed me. Derek is lethal. He’s ruthless and he can never know what I’ve done to protect his Club and my heart. The struggle to climb out of the hole I buried myself in is real. I’ve been slowly sinking into the shadows, trying to find a way into the light again, but all I see is darkness all around me with no way out.

Coming September 2, 2020

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