Light My Fire by Brynn Paulin

Series: Cherish Cove/Beach Please (Prequel 1)

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07N33WK7D

On the way to happily ever after, their world imploded. But sometimes, things aren’t what they seem and happily ever after is closer than you think.

Six months ago, Brooke and Asher were supposed to say, “I Do,” but minutes before the wedding, he broke their engagement and walked away. He had a good reason. Giving away her virginity to a stripper from her bachelorette party was hard to get over. She doesn’t remember it, has no idea how it happened but she woke up in bed with a stranger, her fiancé standing over them.

Brokenhearted, neither Brooke nor Asher can move on.

Humiliated, Brooke became a recluse in the house they were supposed to make a home, and Asher moves through life, more zombie than alive. Something has to give. Knowing it’s for the best, Brooke decides to leave the small town where everyone knows her secrets—even the ones she can’t remember. When Asher learns that she intends to move across country to teach in a dangerous area with a terrible reputation, all his resolve evaporates. Brooke is his, and despite what happened, he will keep her…now and forever.

If you’re a fan of over-the-top, somewhat obsessive “Mine Mine Mine” heroes and stories of love so strong you’ll believe that happily ever after exists, this is the perfect book for you. With a lot of steam and a little intrigue, Light My Fire will set you aflame. Light My Fire is a standalone story with an HEA. C’mon…would I lie to you? Never!

Note: This is a prequel to the Beach Please/Cherish Cove series.

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