Iced by Elise Faber is LIVE!
Includes three full-length hockey romances: Blocked, Backhand, Boarding
PLUS Empty Net: A Never Before Released Novella

Amazon — https://amzn.to/36UoKSe
Universal — getbook.at/IcedEF
Apple — https://apple.co/2UjRaAn
Nook — https://bit.ly/3coi9kp
Kobo — https://bit.ly/2MoLL6s
Google — https://bit.ly/36SW8Jj

Empty. That was her life–

What? No. Shannon had been referring to the other half of the duplex she lived in, the half that her best friend and fabulous baker of a business partner, Molly, had moved out of when she’d reunited with the love of her life.

But, if she was being truthful, Shannon’s life was a little empty. She had a steady and growing business, even helping Molly expand their joint venture into the Gold Mine, arena for the San Francisco Gold, but she was bored and well . . . a little empty.

Until Evan moved into the other half of the duplex and tall, dark, and brooding took over her life with the ease of a fire alarm blaring through the quiet, night air.

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