Don’t You See by MK Moore
A Mafia Instalove Romance

FabrizioandFawn #TheVitaliCrimeFamily #Mafia #Steamy #Safe #OverTheTop #Short #CriminalActivity #instalove #hea #MKMoore #DontYouSee #99cents

I didn’t want her. She was too young, but then I met her. Now, she’s the one thing I didn’t know I needed… Suddenly, she’s taken from me and I’ll do anything to get her back.

He thought I was too young, but after being gone for weeks, I’m all grown up. He’s all that I’ve thought about. What if he’s moved on?

Don’t you see? She’s mine.
Don’t you see? He’s everything.

This is a safe & over the top, short story with a super sweet HEA.


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