The Lion’s Witchy Mate: Magic and Mayhem Universe is coming June 22, 2020!

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The Lion’s Witchy Mate

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Magic & Mayhem Universe

The Lion’s Witchy Mate: Magic and Mayhem Universe (The Wilder Crew Book 1) by Elle Boon
Release Date: June 22, 2020

It doesn’t matter where you came from or where you’re headed. What matters is that you’ve always got a place with the Wilder Crew.

Thadd’s so much more than meets the eye…After witnessing the death of his mother along with the betrayal of his pride that nearly broke him, he fled his native home. Now, ten years later, he’s found a sort of peace and a crew of misfits that’s more family than his old pride. Yet he yearns for more.

Torrance isn’t your average shifter…She’s happy with her life and with her Pride, but she knows her mate isn’t among the males she’s met. However, she’s aware it’s only a matter of time before she either finds a mate, or has to tell her alpha and adopted brother, the truth about what she really is. Figuring out how to explain to her pride the truth about her nature is harder than she thought.

When a lion meets his mate…Thadd isn’t one to ignore fate, especially when he dreams of a female night after night. Of course, the dreams aren’t lovey dovey sexy dreams, but nightmares he’s determined to prevent from happening, if he can just figure out who the gorgeous woman happens to be.

If Fate sends you a beast…Torrance feels the pull to the male and knows nothing and nobody will stop him from claiming her. Not that she’s planning on pumping the brakes either. Now she just needs to ensure her Pride doesn’t kill the huge shifter before she claims him as hers.
Can these two shifters who are more than meets the eye get their happily ever after, or will a demon from Thadd’s past destroy them before they get a chance to find true happiness?

From USA TODAY Bestselling Author An An All New Series of Sexy Alpha Bad Boys and Tough Heroines With Lots of Twists and And Turns. If you like your stories with laugh-out-loud, sexy-as-heck, OH MY GAWD did I just read that moments, then you’ll love these stories. Get ready for one heck of a twisted and wild tale that will have you laughing, gasping, and possibly crying. Yet I promise you’ll be so darn satisfied you’ll be asking for a Wilder Crew for your very own. Oh, and there might be a pink dragon sighting “wink”.

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