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Dance of the Dragon (The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 2) by Kira Nyte

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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Taryn Chovetz has called New Orleans home for decades and wholeheartedly embraces the city’s motto: Let the good times roll. The Big Easy is a good place for a man who has learned to hide the pain of his past with a sexy grin and a no-strings lifestyle.

Every day is a torment for Gabriella Metz, whose mother subjected her to a lifetime of horror to score it big by trading her to a figurative and literal monster—not that Gabby believes in fantastical tales of dragons and priceless hoards of gold and jewels.

Taryn recognizes her instantly, a beautiful woman too fragile to be in a bar full of creatures that would eat her up, or worse. Trust Fate to offer him a precious lifemate while ensuring she was raised by a conniving, faithless bed-hopper. But sweet Gabriella isn’t just fragile. She is very nearly broken. And she owns his heart.

Her mother’s lies begin to unravel almost as soon as Gabriella meets him, her gorgeous, funny, seductive dragon in shining armor. Taryn makes her want to believe life can be more than just surviving. She would give her soul to have him. But she lost that long ago.

Note: This story is both hotter and darker than previous stories, but contains matters appropriate for the characters, their struggles, and their triumphs.

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