Cyclone of Chaos (Royal Bastards MC Elizabeth City Book 1)
By: E.C. Land
Releasing July 7th
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I was born with a heart filled with love, only to be reborn as Venom when that heart was incinerated. The only thing that runs through my veins now is hatred, and it’s never going to change. I shut out all my emotions a long time ago and I’ll be damned if I’ll release them ever again. Not even for her.

Like the treacherous winds of a hurricane, she invaded my life. But, it’s not the first time she done this. Although, this time it’s different. My club and I are the only ones who can help her father bring down a common enemy.

I’ll help her father for a price, but I won’t ever allow myself to feel something for her ever again. That bridge was literally ripped from the ground by the cyclone of chaos that summer.

In this life, it’s kill or be killed and I’m not about to die. Venom is my name and I’ll fuck anyone up who tries to cross me.

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