📕 Dark Lovers, Iron Wolves Book 5 📕

by Elle Boon

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What would you do to save those you love? Creed would give up his eternal soul to the very being who’d relish in his blood. Will he and Raina survive the coming battle, or will the battle be more than they’re willing to sacrifice?
Raina wanted what every female did…As the only daughter of the vampire king and his shifter mate, she was given everything she could ask for. After being sheltered her entire life like a princess, her world is turned upside down when she’s kidnapped by a minion of Satan. Becoming the evil beings consort isn’t on her bucket list of things to do.
Creed is equal parts good and bad, or so he says…Being the son of Satan and an angel, he’s lived a life filled with death and battle. Each he excelled at, until he found something he’d die for. Raina Cordell, his Chosen.
As the son of Satan he had freedom to roam Hell, literally and physical, but finding the female that was his in the last place he’d ever imagined…his father’s chambers, he knew his life would be forever changed. A vampire/shifter hybrid stolen from her bed, Raina’s life as she knew it was over, until Creed blasts his way in. The son of the very being who’d taken her from her home was now the reason she had to fight to stay alive…her Hearts Love.

Read an excerpt:
Creed had been in and out of Hell for thousands of years, but usually of his own volition. The only time he’d needed help leaving was the last time, and never had he tried to enter without alerting anyone. He was the bastard son, feared by just about everyone, and with good cause. Now, he was taking in three beings who were so far removed from ones who should be there, most likely on a deadly mission, yet he truly gave less than no fucks. Yeah, he was a bastard. The only thing he cared about was finding Raina, and securing her safety. He’d then do his damndest to ensure the men with him made it out alive, if not a little worse for wear. He owed them at least that much.
“Alright, men. Don’t talk to the locals. Don’t eat the locals. Don’t let the locals eat you. Any questions?” Creed asked once their feet hit solid ground.
Lucas raised his hand, but Kellen placed his palm over his face. “Shut it, or so help me I will not be responsible if only one of you are able to make babies in the future.”
The man placed his hand over his dick. “I thought we were friends.”Kellen shrugged. “I haven’t killed you yet.”
Damien looked up at the black sky. “Why?”
Fed up, Creed began walking. “Try to keep up and shut up for the love of all.”
❈Purchase on your favorite platform ➜ https://buff.ly/2ASGLE6

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