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Ivy’s Rebellion by Pixie Chica

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Book 3 in The Valladares Family Saga

🖤 Blurb:


Like a caged bird, my life is not my own. My coming of age is quickly approaching and with it, the Valladares sentence. To do as I’m told and obey blindly what my family wants. Am I ready for that life?

In a desperate act of rebellion, I flee. One adventure to tide me over when I do what’s expected of me. Instead, I find him. A man who’s too old, too dangerous, yet everything I need.

For him, I’m willing to defy the world, including my own father. That is until all the lies come to the surface, leaving me second guessing everything.

Will he be my salvation or my ruin?


The moment our paths crossed, there’s no denying she’s my forever. But she’s too young, too innocent, and I have to stay back. Wait. Now, the time’s come, and I’m ready to collect. Her fiery soul hides behind the mask she’s forced to wear, and it belongs to me. I don’t care if she’s the daughter of my sworn enemy.

Then my little Ivy makes a run for it days before I execute my plan. Right into the worse area in town, looking for a night of rebellion. She may want a last hurrah, but I’m stealing her forever. No one can stop me from claiming the Valladares’ Princess. Except Ivy herself. But will she realize my love can set her free?

Will she realize my love can set her free?

This is book three of the Valladares Family Saga where they and the Suarez will merge in ways previously unheard of.


THIS BOOK CONTAINS A PORTION IN SPANISH, I HAVE INCLUDED A TRANSLATION IN THE FRONT. As an author of Cuban descent, I chose to add a portion that did my culture justice. Thank you for taking a chance on this book. Inside you’ll find scenes hot enough to fry your e-reader (including one of voyeurism), as well as others that may contain situations of violence. You’ve been warned.

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