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🔥Idaho Springs, Colorado Chapter 🔥
Series: Royal Bastards MC 
Author: Bink Cummings
Model: Golden Czermak
Photographer- FuriousFotog

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A M/M dark and dirty romance, set in Idaho Springs, Colorado.

For years, I thought I’d never be free. 
Until they found me. 
For months, I thought I had to fight every day to show I’m strong. 
Until they grew tired and sent me away. 
Within minutes of arrival, I found home. 
With him. 
The savior of my story. 
VP of the Royal Bastards MC and curator of the club’s underground fighting world. 
He saw in me what others could not. 
I owe him my life… 
But hope he’ll accept my heart in its place. 

Warning: Contains adult M/M content, graphic violence, and dark emotional scenarios that may trigger some readers, including past abuse. Proceed with caution. You have been warned.

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