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Stroke of Fire, The Firestorm Dragon Chronicles Book 1 by Kira Nyte

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Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NMVCHTZ/


At almost thirty, painter Briella Everett is finally getting the chance to spread her wings away from her overprotective parents. No one knows the fact she can listen in on other people’s thoughts is the little secret that inspires her work.

Syn Terravon is content with his vagabond life after surviving the horror that drove the Firestorm dragons from their homeland. He’s ready to move on from the Big Easy when he spots her. His lifemate. And she’s in danger.

Briella is more annoyed than afraid when a tall, dark and dangerously attractive man with flames — actual flames — in his eyes accosts her outside her apartment.

For a woman to whom hard-won independence is sacred, putting her faith in a chivalrous stranger might just be the riskiest challenge she’s ever taken on.

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