Rev’d by C. J. Allison Author

The Lion’s Den MC Book One

Cover Models: Stephanie Roberts Max Dexter

Photog: Reggie Deanching Melissa Deanching RplusMphoto

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Raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish background, I defied my family by joining the military instead of attending Rabbinical School. Further, I joined an MC upon my return and raised the ranks to become the President. We are one-percenters that tip toe the line of legal.

I rule my club with an iron fist. Behind closed doors, I need to be controlled. Will Gabriella be the one to end my search? Will she be able to ignore the unethical things my club does and still control me the way I need?


I should be a lawyer, but the old school firm that I work for only seems to see me as the top paralegal. I love control and I’m not getting it at work no matter hard I try.

I’ve been in the underground world that most think is sexual deviance. But up to now, even that has been lackluster. I’ve never been able to find the right submissive. One that is strong and can test me but ultimately submit to me. Will Rev be the man that gives me what I need?

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