Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer…The Wedding War by Liz Talley is NOW LIVE!

“Liz Talley gives us real life friendship with no sugar coating. The Wedding War will capture your attention on page one and won’t let you sleep until you read the last sentence.” –Carolyn Brown, NY Times best selling author

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Save the date for this funny and poignant novel of family, friendship, letting go, and moving on by the award-winning author of Room to Breathe.

Once upon a time, Melanie Layton and Tennyson Oโ€™Rourke were inseparableโ€”but their friends-4ever promises were shattered when an explosive secret was revealed at Melโ€™s wedding, a secret that destroyed her family. The two havenโ€™t spoken for the past twenty-some-odd years, and theyโ€™d be happy if they never crossed paths again.

But now Melโ€™s daughter and Teenyโ€™s son have fallen in loveโ€”and announced their engagement.

Which means the two women must tolerate one another and play nice long enough to plan their childrenโ€™s dream wedding. From the beginning, they clash. Melanie imagines a classy, elegant event, in keeping with tradition. Teenyโ€™s vision is a bit more extravagant, and thanks to her habit of marrying well, sheโ€™s got the cash to plan the flashiest wedding of the season.

Complicating matters are the men in their lives: Tennyson is falling for the wrong guy, and Melanie is trying to hold on to a flailing marriage. Amid the flurry of cake tastings, dress fittings, seating charts, and bridal showers, Mel and Teeny confront their past mistakesโ€”with twenty years of pent-up drama.

When the day of the wedding finally arrives, their friendship might just be something old and something new.

About the Author:

USA Today best-selling author Liz Talley loves staying home in her jammies and writing emotional women’s fiction and romance. Liz has published twenty-seven books, reaching number one in kindle romance. Her stories are set in the South where the tea is sweet, the summers are hot, and the porches are wide. Liz lives in Louisiana with her childhood sweetheart, two handsome children, two dogs and a mean kitty. You can visit Liz at or follow her on Instagram or facebook to learn more about her upcoming books.

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