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A Wolfe’s Ruby by Pixie Chica Author

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Ruby Bridegroom
Growing up in a clan of killers taught me not to trust. My whole life I’ve fended for myself, setting out to prove I can be as deadly as the rest. When the only person I consider family needs freeing I go hunting for the bounty to save her. Only to be faced with the man who says I’m his one. Can I trust this stranger who I’m supposed to kill? Do I have a choice?

Kingston Wolfe
For years I believed those like me were eliminated from the world, until my wolf screams Mate. Now I’m on the hunt to find the woman who holds all the truth about our kind. When I find her will I be able to deal with all the bloodshed she’s created? She may think she’s evil, but I’ll show her there’s more to her than murder.

This is an insta-love, novella with a twist. Come check out my first Shifter romance. While different from my normal books, the characters still fall fast for the object of their desire. If you like instant chemistry, can’t deny that feeling, type of attraction between characters then this book is for you! The subject matter is for those over the age of 18.

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